April 7

Yorkshire Dales


Anyone of any age can probably identify a favourite television show which has been filmed in the Yorkshire Dales, and the Yorkshire Dales National Park is easily recognisable with its stone walls and cottages and thousands of square miles of hills and moorland.

It’s the film maker’s paradise but its beauty was recognised long before that by artists such as Henry Moore and Turner who like many others, were captivated by its bleak and rugged beauty.  Easily one of the biggest holiday playgrounds – Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom – but unlike some of the other tourist hotspots around the country, Yorkshire is not overwhelmed by its tourism and is home to vibrant, local communities who live and work in the Dales.  Rightly proud of this stunning landscape often called ‘God’s Own Country’, Yorkshire people are known for their hospitality and a very warm welcome.

Due to its size, the Yorkshire Dales National Park offers access to the metropolitan city of Leeds and the historic town of York with other smaller destinations as Harrogate and Ripon well worth a visit if you fancy a day away from the Dales scenery although the atmosphere and people coupled with the stunning landscape is a hard lure to resist.



Dales, Yorkshire

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