The Cotswolds Landscape

The character of the Cotswolds is derived partly from the nature of the landscape and partly from the ways in which the inhabitants over the centuries have changed and developed that landscape until it has become the scenery familiar to us. make choosing and buying the perfect bicycle easy and enjoyable. By comparing the best offers from Top UK bicycle stockists, you get the most suitable bike to your needs.


Outside the magic triangle of London, Stratford and Oxford, no place in Britain has been more visited and patronised by Americans than Chester. Until quite recently they entered this country through Liverpool and close at hand was what they desired to see. Nathaniel Hawthorne, consul at Liverpool from 1853-57, was one of many famous American writers to visit Chester: ‘It is a quite indescribable old town; and I feel, at last, as if I had had a glimpse of Old England.

South Wales

South Wales is home to Tenby, one of Wales’ premier holiday resorts, famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, clean seas and stunning scenery. Situated on Pembrokeshire’s south coast it is a mere two hours drive from the Severn Bridge. The coast around Pembrokeshire and the Gower Peninsula in Swansea, in particular, have stunning coastal paths and sandy beaches, and the area boasts an abundance of castles.


Herefordshire is without doubt the archetype of rural England. When foreign visitors describe the rural idyll that is rural England, they are describing the gentle hills, wild woodland, winding lanes and quiet villages of Herefordshire. This county has a rich history and is fortunately one of the unspoilt corners of Britain, and is full of hidden surprises. Many of the walks will offer the intrepid walker the opportunity to unlock some of the splendid secrets of Herefordshire.