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Lancashire and the Lakes

The landscape painter John Constable (1776-1837) declared that the Lake District, now visited by 18 million people annually, had “the finest scenery that ever was”.
The Normans built many religious houses here, and William II created estates for English barons. Today, the National Trust is its most important landowner.


Cambridge has been an important town since Roman times as it was sited at the first navigable point on River Cam. In the 11th century religious orders began to be established in the town and, in 1209, a group Of religious scholars broke away from Oxford University after academic and College Chapel religious disputes and came here.

The Cotswolds Landscape

The character of the Cotswolds is derived partly from the nature of the landscape and partly from the ways in which the inhabitants over the centuries have changed and developed that landscape until it has become the scenery familiar to us.

Discovering East Anglia

The bulge of land between the Thames Estuary and the Wash, flat but far from featureless, sits aside from the main north ~ south axis through Britain, and for that reason it has succeeded in maintaining and preserving its distinctive architecture, traditions and rural character in both cities and countryside. make choosing and buying the perfect bicycle easy and enjoyable. By comparing the best offers from Top UK bicycle stockists, you get the most suitable bike to your needs.